Monday, 4 February 2008

To the people who made this project happen


On behalf of Global Ocean and marine life everywhere, i would like to thank all the people below, without whom this project would never have been realised.

In order of appearance:

Norton Figueiredo for his excellent project coordination and team work;
Pedro Almeida for being there at all times and his work behind the scenes;
Leana Mattei and Carolina Camera for their consistent professional support and friendship;
Fabiano Barretto and his wife for their behind the scenes support;
Carlos for ensuring a great working partnership with VEGA and to the guys from EMTURSA for theirs;
Taisa Mendonca for driving us around and for being our translator and negotiator;
Cabelo for trusting us with using and returning his fishing net;
the lads from VEGA - Tadeu, Alan and Fabio for their role in the production and event;
Lazaro from the Amazon for pulling the net so well;
the people of Salvador for being so wellcoming;
the artist, Mark McGowan, for his positive enthusiasm and hard work delivering and documenting this project; and finally, to my family - THANK YOU,

Melanie Salmon
Director, Global Ocean

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